T-REX is more than just a building.

T‐REX is a world class venue providing the startup entrepreneur with low cost & flexible enterprise space, while serving the region with quality programming and inspiring community. Two years after it’s inception, T-REX occupies 5 floors of Lammert on Washington and growing. It is now home to 80+ startups, iTEN, Capital Innovators, Cultivation Capital, SixThirty, Arch Grants and home to many other entrepreneurial activity including Startup Weekend and StartLouis.

Our Goal!

To increase the vitality of the regional economy by recruiting and nurturing startup companies that advance technological development, encourage creative thinking through design and employ highly skilled workers that will contribute to the economic development of St. Louis.

Square Feet

Our Values:

To foster a St. Louis startup community by:


Providing facilities to entrepreneurs to allow them to reduce risks, lower capital and operating costs and to assist with their early success.


Creating and welcoming programming that encourages entrepreneurship, innovation and business creativity.


Having accelerators, mentors, universities, business resources and government assisted programs in close proximity to early stage companies.

"T-REX members can find furniture on other floors of the building and furnish their offices with found treasures "

− Fun Fact #13

"Founder of Square, Jim McKelvey roams the halls of T-REX"

− Fun Fact #37

"There are mobile game developers in the space that have been known to bike the 50,000 square foot floor plate of T-REX at 3am. "

− Fun Fact #142


Who’s at T-REX